Goal Specific Programmes

Bridal Bootcamp

30 Days to Look & Feel Amazing!

Do you want to look and feel amazing on your big day?

Then it's your lucky day as we have the programme for you, Bridal Bootcamps is our 30-Day programme purposefully designed to whip you into shape so that you will feel a million dollars on the big day!


30 Days to Kick Start your Fitness

Look Amazing, Feel Fantastic!

Shape 30 is our 30 day (female only) Group Training Programme and is specifically designed to kick start your fitness journey. Our members benefit from the encourgaement of other like-minded women, plus the support from our expert coaches.


60-Day Female Strength Training Programme

Look Strong, Be Strong

Based on the principles of Strength Training, our 60-Day programme is specifically designed to teach you how to become Strong both mentally and physically. This programme is ideal for those looking to lose weight or tone up.

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