One to One Personal Training

For Individual attention, guidance and support.

Ideal for the beginner or those with a specific goal or injury. 

One to One Personal Training offers a completely personalised experience, ideal for the beginner, those who have a specific goal or injury, or who might be a little gym shy. You will work completely and independently with a trainer of your choice.


Personalised Training Plans

Our Training Plans are written specifically to your individual needs, and are progressive to ensure that you achieve the results you deserve in the most effective way.

Food & Nutrition Coaching

We recognise that for many people food and nutrition is the most difficult part. Therefore we work closely with you on all aspects of Food and Nutrition Coaching. You will have free access to our Food Seminars plus a copy of our Receipe Book.

Trainer of your Choice

We recognise that working with the right trainer can be paramount to your success, that's why we let you choose who you would like to work with exclusively. Our team have a range of skills and qualities.


Embrace and be embraced by our fantastic community. Just because you work with us on a one-to-one basis doesn't mean that you want meet our other members. There is always opportunities to share stories and attend socials and seminars.


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We are so proud of what our members have achieved. Check out what they have to say about working with us.


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