Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a beginner

That's not a problem, many of our members are new to training and everyone started as a beginner. Our 30 Day Trial programme is purposefully designed to introduce you to Personal Training with the support of working in a small group, but at your own pace. You will learn the fundamental exercises and how to lift safely to prevent injury. It doesn't matter where on the ladder you are, we ensure that we work at the appropriate level for you.

2. How often will I train?

Most of our members train with us 2-3 times a week at the gym and we also provide Home/Gym workouts for those who wish to do a little extra.


We are very active at ensuring our members recover effectively between training sessions, to support training and we provide bespoke Mobility Home/Gym Workout which are approved from our friends at pallmallphysio

3. Where does the training take place?

We are based in a private Personal Training facility in Wavertree, close to the city centre and with good public transport links and free parking. There are showers and changing facilities available too. Click Here to see Map & Address.

4. What happens at the Consultation?

At the Consultation we discuss your past exercise history, and draw out a plan of how best we can support you. It is also a good opportunity to ask any questions or queries you might have about the training and support we offer here at LIVFIT. We run through a brief movement assessmemt to establish if there are any areas we need to pay special attention to.

5. Will I get help with Nutrition?

At LIVFIT we pride ourselves on the level of nutrition support we offer outside of the training sessions. You will be able to benefit from free admission to our Food & Nutrition Seminars, and a copy of our LIVFIT receipe cookbook. We also offer our 3 Phase Food Method, which allows you to develop your knowledge as you move through the phases. Plus we support you with information regarding creating better habits. Whatever method you perfer we have got it covered, as we know food and nutrition is often the hardest area to master.

6. I work shifts, can I train on different days?

Our Personal Training programmes are ideal for shift workers as we have sessions running from early mornings to late evenings. You simple choose from a number of available sessions (depending on the programme) each week, to suit you. Please see Timetable for further details.

7. Can I come in for a trial?

We welcome you to come in and test drive our services, and take advantage of our 30 Day Trial to all new members or returning members

8. How much does it Cost?

We have programmes to sort all budgets, and they start from £99 a month, although please keep an eye out for our Early Bird Discounts and Refer a Friend Offers

9. Is my Trainer Qualified

All of our Coaches are L3 Certified Personal Trainers and experienced fitness coaches. Our team are dedicated to regularly attending CPD training to develop their knowledge and experience. For further details about specific qualifications please go to Trainer Profiles

10. What happens if I am unable to attend a session?

Any changes to sessions can be made via the GoTeamUp App. We do adopt a 24 hour cancellation period, so please ensure any rearranged and cancelled sessions are wtihin this period, or the session will still be charged

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