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Daniel Smyth

"I turned 30 and I thought at the start of the year about what I wanted to achieve in my 30th year, and one of them was improving my body image. I never felt uncomfortable with the way I looked before, but I knew I could improve the way I looked and equally the way Ifelt. Over the past 6 months I've changed my diet, my relationship with food and my attitude to exercise. I've never been sporty, I was the last one to picked in PE, and I never thought I could be fit! But it's safe to say I'm fitter and healthier at 30 than I EVER have been in my entire life. I'm confident but not complacent with the idea of sustaining and bettering my results... ...but none of this could have been achieved without Michael, he is so personable and friendly which made the experience better and more enjoyable... he is patient and really listens to ensure that you are achieving your results in the time scale you want them, but never sells you a dream... he sells you results! Thank you so much".

Danielle Scotland

Danielle joined our Small Group Personal Training programme 9 months prior to tieing the knot. After recently having her son she wanted to lose her baby weight and tone up ready for her upcoming wedding and she did just that. Working alongside her friend, and with the support and encouragement from other LIVFIT members she reached her goal in time and looked absolutely stunning on her big day. Congratulations for all your hard work Danielle.

Becky White

Becky joined our Bridal Bootcamp in Jan with her mum in pursuit to look and feel amazing for her big day in August 2017. She has done amazingly well, a total weight loss of 1 1/2 stone but more importantly she is fitter, stronger and healthier!


Becky's husband-to-be has worked with us on a One-to-One basis and achieved some brilliant results too. See here story in her words in the video below.

"I have tried every diet, but this is a lifestyle change!" (Jo, 42)

Val Unsworth

Val has just celebrated one year with LIVFIT and wow what a difference one year has made! Val first came to us fed up, feeling constantly tired working in a stressful job. She was looking for a change and boy has she made one. Turning 60 not only has Val lost a total of 4 stone, she has recently completed her first ever half marathon in the amazing time of 2 hours 10! Her whole outlook on life has changed and now includes eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. We are so proud of her and her story just demonstrates what a difference one year can make to completely transform your life.

Sean McGrann

Sean is a typical lad and a Liverpool FC season ticket holder. When we first met Sean and by his own omission he had a bad diet, a very bad diet consisting mainly of junk food, he loathed exercise, and he had just split up from his girlfriend. He came to LIVFIT to lose weight and change his lifestyle and that's exactly what he got. He now has a passion for fitness, and running (currently at 5kms). He has a new girlfriend and has of lost a total of 12 stone in 12 months and what's more he has kept the weight off for 4 years now.

Lynn Duggan

Lynn was our first ever The Biggest Loser Winner!  The 6 Week Challenge was just the starting point to introduce some new habits into her daily life, such as walking to and from every Liverpool football club home games. She has shed a staggering 3 stone to date, by increasing her daily activity levels and improving her daily diet. She achieved her goal by looking fab for her 50th bday and is getting fitter and healthier each year. 


Chelle has been working with us for over a year. She has cerebral palsy, which limits her ability to walk unaided. Therefore, our sessions focus on upper body movements and this girl is strong, she benches over 40kg! She has lost 4 stone and is due to face an operation I know she is nervous about. This op will ultimately change her world, as she will be able to walk unaided, a skill we all take for granted.  And if that isn't enough she now hopes to qualify as a Personal Trainer and specialise in supporting disabled people. We are all very proud of you and all your achievements Chelle.

Sean Chandler

"Being Deaf I had my reservations about personal training as I can’t hear speech and I feel embarrassed when I meet new people who don’t use sign language. I was always into running and been a member of gyms for a while, but nothing seemed to work when it came to building muscle. Having been recommended through a good friend, I bit the bullet and had an introductory session with Michael, where I found his affable manner and vast knowledge of fat loss and calorie burn is, frankly, second to none. This instantly put me at ease and I started seeing results straight away. He was so aware of my needs both as a deaf man and someone looking to build muscle and I can’t wait till I’m booked in with him again. I would recommend LIVFIT to anyone looking to get into shape. You won’t be disappointed and I can guarantee you’ll have a great time in the process. They really care about you, your relationship with food and your journey. Good luck!"

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