The Biggest Loser Challenge

The 6 Week 'all guns blazing' Fat Loss Challenge

If you have tried every diet possible, but never mastered how to eat well without falling back into old bad habits?


If you are fed up feeling body conscious, know that something needs to change but also that you might require some support along the way?


Then this program is for you.


Our very popular 6 week Challenge The Biggest Loser is designed to show you how to lose fat, regain your body confidence to really kick start your fitness journey. This program has produced some incredible results, typically members lose 14-16lbs in 6 weeks.


You will be required to train twice a week and meet once a week for group activities and check ins. It doesn't matter what fitness level or weight you start, this program is guaranteed to provide you with everything you need to suceed with a money back guarantee. 

The next intake for The Biggest Loser Challenge starts on Monday 5th August. Make sure you Book your Place before 29th July for the Early Bird Offer using the discount code TBLDISCOUNTS


Here's what is included: 


12 Flexible Small Group Personal Training sessions

Developed and delivered by our friendly and expert trainers, our programs are tailored to your current ability. You'll also benefit from working with up to 3 others at the same time for that extra motivation. There are 8 sessions available each day, so great for a busy lifestyle


Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

As an added feature you have free unlimited access to our high energy, high intensity fitness classess.


The Biggest Loser Starter Manual

Our Starter Manual navigates you through your 6 week journey and provides additionals tools and useful information, to build healthy habits for life.


A fully customised Food & Nutrition Program

You will follow our signature 3 stage approach to enusre that you really achieve the results you desire, without

getting bored or eating bland foods. You won't feel like you're on a diet whilst improving your health, fitness and body confidence.


Prize for the Biggest Loser Winner

"This is like nothing I have tried before, its not just for 6 weeks, this is life changing!".

   (Brunna Vianna) 

To find out how they did this AND how you can do the same, click below 

Frequently Asked Questions

We've done our best to answer a few of our commonly asked questions below. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us


I'm very busy, are the Personal Training times flexible?


We understand that many of our members lead busy lifestyles, which is why we provide 8 sessions a day to choose, from 6:30am - 9pm, which you can choose from on a week by week basis. So great for fitting training around your lifestyle.


Will you help me with my diet?


We work very closely with our members regarding their food and nutrition and take a customised approach to each member, as we recognise this is the hardest area to master. Our members receive a copy of our Eating for Fat Loss Guide which follows our signature 3 stage approach for maximum results.


I am a complete beginner is this for me?


Definitely, we work with all people, regardless of your previous exercise history. Every members attends a 1-2-1 initial movement assessment, which allows our expert trainers to tailor your personal training sessions to your ability. Many of our members are new to training when they start with us.


What is Small Group Personal Training?


Small Group Personal Training is the fun and effective way of training with up to 3 others at one time. This provides great results, as well as getting to know others all with a common goal. Our brilliant trainers tailor each session to your individual needs to maxmium progress. It has become our most popular training method.


I'm vegan/vegetarian/celiac/have food allergies, is it still for me?


Absolutely, we support our members with a number of different food allergies/tolerences and provide our members with a copy of our Vegan receipe book to get started.


How does this differ from regular personal training?


We believe the success of our The Biggest Loser program is down to the fantastic group support and accountability. Plus you are guaranteed results, as we offer a money back guarantee.


Am I tied into a contact?


No, it's simply a one off payment for the 6 week Challenge. Many of our members choose to continue with us after the 6 weeks, but if at the end of the 6 weeks you are happy with your results and wish to continue on alone, we wish you well, no strings attached.


What happens after I apply?


A member of our team will give you a ring at a time suitable to you to tell you more about what is involved in the program.


Once you are signed up we will email you your copy of The Biggest Loser Manual and Eating for Fat loss guide so that you can have a good read through at your leisure.


What happens in my first week?


You will be invited to attend our Welcome Talk so that we can run through everything that is involved in the program. You will then book into a One to One Movement Assessment, so that we can assess how you move and if there is anything that we need to pay special attention to. If not you will join a small group session later in the week also.

The only question left to ask, is What is Stopping You? 

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